Chapter X member Curtis Burns and wife, Tammy,  make a trip to Oklahoma City to take can tabs to the RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE at the end of every year, since 2002.

Their granddaughter was born three months prematurely, weighing 2 lbs. 9 oz., dropping to only 2 lbs. She stayed in the neonatal unit at Children's Hospital for 2 months. While she was in the NICU, their daughter needed to stay near the hospital. That is when they first learned of the Ronald McDonald House. She was able to stay there at no charge. She would be safe, have food, bathe, do laundry and have a shuttle bus to take her back and forth to the hospital.

This amazing place is run on only donations. That is why they have pledged to take as many can tabs as possible every year. To date they have taken 282 gallons of tabs! Without the help of their family and friends this would be impossible.

They have asked Chapter X to help make a difference in someone's life by simply popping the tabs off of your cans.

At the planning meeting, July 25th, 2014, Chapter X agreed to take this on as a chapter service project. Collected tabs will be brought to our December gathering to be taken to the Ronald McDonald House in Oklahoma City.]

If you have any tabs to share please give them to a Chapter X member or bring them to a gathering. We would gladly accept them!


In Chapter X’s endeavor to save pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, our fellow Chapters came together to help us. At our anniversary, Dennis Jefferies reported that approximately 36 POUNDS were donated. That’s three 5-gallon buckets!!

The Chapter that donated the most was Chapter J and winner of $50! Thank you all and especially Chapter J!!

Tammy Burns and her granddaughter, Makenna, accepted approximately 7 gallons of pull tabs at the December 2014 meeting by Chapter X members to be contributed to the Ronald McDonald House in Oklahoma City. Makenna was born premature and her mother stayed at the House. Chapter X will be continuing collecting the pull tabs to help the Burns family in their endeavor in paying back for the help they received when Makenna was born.

This is the house
that provides the home,
that cooks the meals,
that sleeps the people,
that dries the tears.
This is
"The House That Love Built,"

On May 14th, 2016 Chapter X members traveled to OKC to deliver pull tabs to the Ronald McDonald House. Curtis Burns arranged  a tour of of both buildings for our members.

Chapter X delivered almost 100 pounds of pull tabs, that's almost $5,000.00 for the Ronald McDonald house! Thank you Chapter X members for working so hard to collect. Let's do it again next year! Save those tabs!

Chapter X is also collecting unused toiletries from motel stays to donate to the Women Domestic Violence Shelter.