Chapter Director

Char and Ron Sadler
Level 4 Senior Master Tour Riders

Hello Chapter X Friends,

March was a fast month it seems.  We attended Chapter E’s Anniversary, our monthly Gathering, had a seminar, attended a surprise retirement party for David Hudgins, a chapter visit to Chapter J, a TRC course for some, a planning meeting and five dinner rides.  It has been a full and fun month!

Chapter E had a fun anniversary celebration which we attended on March 4th.  The theme was St Patrick’s Day, their Irish stew was very good.  In fact, most of our group had two bowls. 

Ron and I were some that were taking the TRC course in Ponca City on March 17th.  It was held at the airport in Ponca City where they also have a very good Mexican restaurant.  The instructors were good as was the weather.

Looking ahead to April we have a very large group going to the Louisiana District Rally in Lafayette, LA.  We have been talking about this trip for months.  Louisiana is on of those state you never get tired of visiting as they have some great places to ride.  They also have lots of historical places to visit.  In fact, we have a list of places to visit this time.  It is not to late for you to join the group!