Chapter Director

Char and Ron Sadler
Level 4 Senior Master Tour Riders

Hello Friends,

This year seems to be flying by.  It is already August bringing us Wing Ding in Knoxville, TN and next month the OK District Rally in Lawton, OK.  If you have not registered for these events, now is the time.  Both events are going to be lots of fun.  Our chapter has many members attending both events and want others to join them.  Don’t forget to cheer on John and Sarah Hoogendoorn in your neon yellow shirts and yellow bandanas on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 in the selection for International Couple of the Year. 

Chapter X has really been busy the past few months in all their travels.  These travels are continuing as a large group will be leaving on August 20 touring for a week on the way to Wing Ding.  After Wing Ding some of them will do some more sight seeing and some will come home.  Of course, we have plenty of events for them to participate in before they leave. 

OK District members have been busy organizing the District Training Day on Saturday, August 4, in Tecumseh, OK. They will be presenting the new modules which are a lot of fun for the participants. Hope you can join them to learn something new.

The weather has sure been nice the last few days, bet a lot of you have been out riding enjoying the cool.  As we are out riding, where it be just a few miles, or a lot make sure you are prepared, and your bike/trike is ready for anything you may encounter.  It is a long way to Knoxville and who knows what the weather will be on any day.  Be prepared!

Hope your month is awesome!!