Chapter Director

Char and Ron Sadler
Level 4 Senior Master Tour Riders

Hello Chapter X Friends –

The month of January seemed to fly by. Hope the rest of the cold weather months go that fast. I am
ready for Spring, warm weather and riding season. We have had a couple of days that showed us what
is ahead in nice weather.
Our regular meeting place is still not finished with their remodeling, so we are continuing to meet at St
Andrews Church in Stillwater. We are hoping that they will be finished, and we will be back to normal
meetings in March. Thank you for bringing your brown bag breakfasts and joining us at St Andrews
Congratulations to Chapter E in Tulsa for being named Oklahoma Chapter of the Year for 2017 at the
Oklahoma District Financial Meeting in Jenks, OK. Chapter X was once again named a Gold Level
Chapter. Thank you to all the Chapter X members for your hard work in continuing to make the Gold
Level. A special thank you to Janis Day for keeping good records and us on track to make Gold Level.
Several of our members have had the flu or other viruses as many of the other chapters in Oklahoma.

Please be sure to practice good health measures when you are around other people. Remember to
keep those sneezes and coughs to your shoulder and keep your hands washed as often as possible.
Hope you have a wonderful month!