Here are some of the Chapter's Accomplishments in the last few years...

2012 Gold Chapter
2014 Gold Chapter
2015 Gold Chapter
2016 Gold Chapter

2017 Gold Chapter
2013 Silver Chapter
2018 Silver Chapter

2012 GWRRA International Chapter of the Year 1st Runner up
2012 Region H AND Oklahoma Chapter of the Year
2014 International Chapter of the Year 
2014 Region H AND Oklahoma Chapter of the Year
2014 Region H Couple of the Year, Steve and Carolyn Cotton 
2014 Best Region H Newsletter and in competition for 
2014 Best International Newsletter
2014-2015 Oklahoma Educator of the Year, Steve Cotton
2015 Very first Oklahoma District Individual of the Year, Bill Stevens
2015 Best Region H Newsletter
2015 Marie and Steve Wilson, Senior Chapter Directors
2016 International Couple of the Year, Steve and Carolyn Cotton
2017 Senior Chapter Educator, Steve Cotton
2017 Oklahoma District Director, John Irons
2018 Chapter of the Year

We are fortunate enough to have 6 excellent trainers in our chapter. They keep us busy thoughout the year with classes. We take the "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge" motto very seriously.

And because of the training....

Back row...

Jack Wagner, Steve Cotton, Carolyn Cotton and John Irons

Front row....

Marie Wilson and Steve Wilson

More Facts about OK-X

100% enrollment in Riders Education Program, active membership

15 Members are Level 4 Riders

√ 100% Certification in First Aid and CPR, active membership

Our chapter is known as the "fun chapter". Every where we go others always make the comment "you guys are the fun chapter" or "your chapter looks like they really have a lot of fun". So we adopted the 10 times the fun logo to represent the true atmosphere of our chapter. We have 69 chapter members with 37 active members.

What great turnouts we’ve been having at our functions. Wonder why?? Let’s X-amine the facts...

Could it be we are an X-panding chapter with X-ceptional members from 21 different cities? (Stillwater/Perkins/Cushing/Perry/Carney/SandSprings/Yale/Cleveland/Enid/Coyle/Pawnee/Alva/Glencoe/
Sapulpa/Edmond/Glencoe and Perkins area).They are all X-traordinary from different walks of life that make for lots of X-perience to share. Without X-ception, we are also fortunate to have X-pert instructors to share GWRRA’s X-cellent seminars. We X-pect to come together for X-hilarating rides and to X-plore the roads on our cycles, but in my opinion the X-treme friendships we make on the way is the real reason that Chapter X is X-hibiting continued growth. 

                                                                                                                            Linda Oberholzer  

Ride Coordinator
Jack Wagner
Level 4 Master Tour Rider
International Trainer of the Year